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    AJAX-y Advanced Search


      One of the biggest complaints I hear is that the search system just isn't as effective as users want.   Simple things like automatically recursing searches could go a long way to providing better results, but I keep wishing for something... More Fancy.


      I imagine an ajax-style slide-down, triggered by an "advanced search" button next to the search bar. it starts as an empty panel, with a list of buttons that form a toolbar.  These buttons comprise different "filters".


      For example, I click 'advanced search', then click the "History" button, and a dropdown allows me to check "Items you've previously viewed".  This adds that filter to the list of filters in the panel.  Then I click the "Spaces" button, and browse down the tree - "Development Tools > IDE" and it adds another filter to the panel.  On the right side of the panel, I check "Documents" and "Discussions" so that it doesn't return blog posts.


      The end result is that my search returns only documents and discussions I've seen before, that are in the IDE space and its subspaces.  (By the way, 'IDE' could have been a Tag Group that is integrated into the browse tree).  The panel persists, but can be shrunk with the little arrow in the corner.  If my results are too narrow, I can click a little "x" on each filter to remove it, or click on the filter to edit it.


      This is a pretty significant feature request - just throwing up my thoughts for discussion in case anyone else has similar desires.