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    Search not displaying older content


      We are encountering an issue whereby content of type Idea is not displaying when it is older content.

      Is this expected behaviour, even when the search term matches the Subject or Body text?

      I know the relevancy of returned results is based, to some degree on creation date, but it should appear in the results?




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          I've done some work with the Ideation module in the past.  I am not aware of anything in the indexing that would remove older content other than the reduced importance of those results due to age.  Assuming the older ideas are still in a published state they should be indexed and available.


          I would try rebuilding the index and making sure that you are running some test queries that are unique enough to guarantee a result.   Always possible there is a but in newer versions or something has changed in the manager classes for the check on whether the item should be indexed.

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            Ryan Rutan

            This sounds like possibly a bug or environment issue.  I would file a ticket with support to track down.  Kevin is correct, as long as the ideas are still published then they should be in the index.