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    Override i18n String in Out of Box Tiles


      I've tried several methods and so far I have not been able to override the i18n strings that are used in the tiles that come with the Jive 7 installation.  Specifically I am trying to override the error message in the image gallery tile.  That message is incorrect so we wanted to update it but there does not seem to be any way to accomplish the override.


      The specific key I am trying to override is:

      place.tile.image_gallery.config.uploadError = One or more of your files either not a JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP format or exceeded the maximum size of 2MB per file.


      What I have tried so far:

      • Added the key to the theme.xml via the phrase substitutions in the admin console.
      • Created a plugin and entered the key into the i18n files for the plugin.
      • Add the key to the web/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/classes/jive_custom_i18n_en.properties and built the custom war.
      • Modified the image-gallery-config.html file to use a new key name in the i18n var.  Added that new key to the above two places. 


      At this point I am convinced this is not something that can be overridden. Based on the way tiles work via the API I think the tiles are ultimately pulling from the database.  There are i18n text entries in the database.  I have not tried a direct manipulation of those database tables yet.  I am left with that experiment as well as replacing the core i18n files that contain the key and creating another custom build but considering that the new key experiment did not work I don't think the modification of the i18n files will work.


      So has anyone successfully overridden the i18n text that is used by the tiles that are supplied with Jive?