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    What are your company guidelines about language translation of policies?


      What started out as a seemingly innocuous request to get a copy of our Jive T&C in Spanish has now turned into a larger corporate discussion about translation. Frankly, I'm thankful the spotlight has moved. I did offer to reach out to the great wealth of experience and diversity in this group to see what practices other companies follow.


      • Do you have a corporate policy for translation of official documents?
      • Who manages it (i.e in terms of deciding when a new language is appropriate)?
      • Who pays for the translations - both initial and incremental (i.e. when changes need to be made)?


      Thanks for any feedback you have on this!

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          I'd also like to get some feedback on this! :]

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            Here's what we do.


            All official documents are produced in our two languages : French and English.  These are then made available in one or more places :

            • On the Intranet
            • Sent by email or regular mail
            • Stored in our electronic Document library


            If a region or country wants to translate it to make it more accessible locally, they do that and pay for it themselves.  The new translation is not necessarily published alongside the French and English official versions, but usually locally. 


            For eLearning, it's much the same.  The countries decide if translation is necessary and pay for it.  However, the eLearning module is published in the corporate LMS. 


            Inside Jive, the official language is English.  Occasionally we will make some documents in French, like the User Usage Guidelines that we require employees to accept before they can access Jive.   Communities, posts, documents, comments, can be in any language you want.  It works because people naturally use the right langaugage.  In a  community for just Spain, everything is in spanish.  For a community with broader appeal, everything is in english.  It happens that the comment threads can be a mix of languages.  that's great.  It reinforces the diversity of our group. 

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              Sorry for the delay, I was away sunbathing to look my best for Jive World.

              I hope my reply can still be helpful.


              Our translations effort are primarily driven by market we want to address.

              Our community primary language is English, secondary language is Chinese.


              We have translated from English to Chinese our T&Cs and other platform official docs.

              We have special content about the platform in Chinese which don't exist in English because not relevant.


              For product or technology related content, we base translation on:

              - Is this product targeted at the Chiness market?

              - Was it successful in English?

              - Does it have a chance of success in Chinese? (Do they care?)

              - Is that topic already covered?


              My team (community management + strategy) has translation budget and we would pay for content translation when we cannot do it ourselves. Externally translated content is Internally reviewed before being posted. That last point is especially important for technical content as the agency is not a technical specialist.


              Decision is split between the community managers, community owners (~group admins) and campaign managers (~marcom) who ask when a piece would help them.


              The community managers (English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Dutch), along with all members (all languages), are screening comments to make sure they are appropriate.

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                Kara Francis

                Although a global company, our organization's workplace language is English, so all posts within Jive must have an English translation.  If an employee wants to write something in their non-English native language, they must provide an English translation.  We encourage diversity, but we also want all employees to be able to read the content and have an opportunity to participate.  (I can see if you have a space or group solely dedicated to a specific region that allowing them to simply post in their native language would be preferred - we currently don't have anything like that yet.)


                We don't have admins for each country, so having everything in English is also important from a monitoring perspective.  If someone posts something without a translation, we reach out to them privately and ask them to update their post.


                We discussed this topic with our governing board and our employment lawyer, employee relations director, and diversity and inclusion council representative all felt that this was the approach we should take.  We haven't gotten any pushback from employees that I am aware of.  We also discussed providing the Ts and Cs in various languages.  It was decided to not translate them, as we don't translate other "employee handbook" documents.


                This policy may change, however, as the organization grows into markets where the English language requirement is not instituted.  Basically, what we do in Jive is aligned with our overall organization's practices.