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    push content to stream




      Wondering if its possible to push a specific content from various places to a particular stream. I know Jive has auto-follow plugin that you can use to create streams for users but it does not allow you to stream content from across the spaces. It only allows to push content by a person or a space/group. I think next version of Jive has follow tag that might help but we are on Jive 7.

      We have a need to select top news from various spaces to one particular stream. Like featured news but for the main home page.

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          You can follow individual content items in a stream, as well as following people and places.  So, one strategy might be to determine when a particular person should follow a particular content object in a particular stream, and then go establish the following relationship.

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              Hi Craig,


              Thanks for replying. I think that sounds promising. So I guess we just need to mimic the action Jive does for the above use case. I will have one of our developers take a look at that and see how hard it will be to do that. Let me know if you have any further info that might speed up our R&D.