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    Problems delegating  space admin permissions




      At our company we 're deploying Clearspace 2.0.1 and we're now facing configuration prior to testing phase.


      We want to delegate space admin permissions to Department's Responsible. When creating the department's space clearspace administrator granted space admin rights to the department's head. Our idea is that the boss will be completely responsible of all aspects of space administration (creating new sub-spaces, assigning access rights to each individual who should have access, creating projects, etc.) in order to not charge IT department with cumbersome activities that do not fit technical aspects.


      The point is that this boss can access admin interface, look up his space, and start trying to grant new permission but when he clicks on "Grant New Permission" we get the following message: "Clearspace Admin Error. You don't have admin privileges to perform this operation." But the user is actually listed in the Admins&Moderators permissions summary as an "Space Admin" and as "Moderate content".


      May be it's relevant the point that we get users and groups from an external LDAP server.


      Does anybody knows where can be the problem? Is it possible that we have to set some property in the user profile (the, where?) or that there are higher access right (again, where?) that prevents this user to effectively admin his space?


      Please, any help will be welcome, I've seen in another discussions that we are doing the thing the way they are supposed to be done but still do not work, and this is one of the features we are more interested in!