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    How to get a list of new/updated/deleted content with links for a specific time range?


      We need to integrate cloud hosted Jive content in our community with an in-house hosted search index. The plan is to have an indexer process a content that was added / updated / deleted in the last X hours / minutes.


      There is a bug in API call api/core/v3/contents?sort=latestActivityDesc that prevents us from using API.

      Another option is DES (data export service); however, it's not clear how to get a content and a link in the response.

      Finally, webhooks were considered and rejected as they don't work in the scope of the entire community. Not to mention that the indexer needs to be up 24/7 to listen for updates from Jive which we don't want to maintain. We'd rather poll for changes passing time range as a parameter.


      Any other options?