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    HTML Code for Overviewpage


      Dear all


      We are having the case that we want to have a group about one topic "Corporate Branding".

      If I enter the group, I would like to have the overviewpage like this:




      Each small "Cast" should lead into another group, which belongs to the topic.


      Theoretically I could do that with "Spaces", there we have the widget "Space Grid", but we don't want to use the spaces at the moment.


      I thought of doing an HTML Widget for that, so I wanted to ask you:

      • Would you work with HTML here, or how would you solve this "layout" problem?
      • Do you have some HTML basics already developed for this at the moment?


      Thank you for your feedback.

        • Re: HTML Code for Overviewpage
          Ryan Rutan

          Definitely splitting a few roads here, but some things you can try.  If the Groups Widget works for you, you can try adding in some sort of CSS selector and/or custom JS into the a hidden HTML Widget to remove the parts of the page that you do not want.  It would definitely fall within the realm of hacking the site, but would minimize your development and allow you to keep the dynamic nature of things.  The next best option would be to build up in my opinion using the places API, where you can execute a tag search on /places, get the results...construct an HTML dom and inject it in via JS, via the HTML Widget.  You could use the styles of the Groups Widget most likely to minimize CSS work.  Last on the table is pure HTML copy/clean and paste into an HTML widget. 


          Hope some of this helps.