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    Feature Request:  Community Icon/Logo Option

    Ryan Rutan

      In our most recent sub-community, we had the requirement to add a custom image for the community such that it could be offset to the left of the description.  I believe we show the description of the community in the title above.  This works well for us as we allow our Space Admins to update this text, in a way....it's a "global" community widget that spans all the tabs...as opposed to just showing up on a single page.


      In short, it would be nice to have some options around the community to do the following:


      1.)  Option to show the description, (possibly option to enable/disable HTML markup in the description)

      2.)  Option to select/upload an image for the community....preferred float left of the description/title for a clean look

      Possibly an option to float it left/center/right etc....not sure how feasible this is...


      Pretty sure you could achieve this strictly with some CSS naming conventions and no admin screens...this was the quickest mechanism we had to make sure it all worked as needed for our deadline..


      Here is a quick snippet in the FTL that we used for this:


      <div id="community-hdr-${community.ID?string("0")}">
                   <#if community.getProperties()?exists &amp;&amp; community.getProperties().get("ni.community.logo.url")?exists>
                      <img id="community-hdr-image-${community.ID?string("0")}" src="${community.getProperties().get('ni.community.logo.url')}" />
                   <h1 class="jive-icon-community-big">${community.name?html}</h1>
                     <#if community.description?has_content>
                     <#if (!user?exists)>
                      <a href="#" id="jive-link-login-register"><@ww.text name="ni.register.link.label"/></a>


      If you want to see our implementation, you can see the final product here:


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          Thanks Ryan, this is a great feature request we've heard from you and other customers. Thanks for posting your code for making this work in your deployment. Over time we'll likely make communities more "skinnable" in this way so that they can have more of their own identity in addition to the overall community's identity.