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    Is there a way to make only client-side Jive App


      Can anyone provide some instructions how to make Jive app without running it on node.js server. I've made an app using jive-sdk based on node.

      But it need network connection to localhost:8090. Though my app has only client side code. How to built such app and integrate it into my local

      instance without running node.js server? Is there a way to build a package.zip of my app and upload that package via Addons>Upload package?

      Maby there's a way to make node.js sample jive app using SDK but reconfigure so that no node.js will be needed to run(cause I only have client-side code)?

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          Robert Hanson

          I haven't actually tried this, but this is what I see...


          In the meta.json (part of the extension.zip) you will see these settings:

              "register_url": "%serviceURL%/jive/oauth/register",

              "unregister_url": "%serviceURL%/jive/oauth/unregister",

              "service_url": "http://localhost:9091",


          Change service_url to "http:", this is known to prevent Jive from calling the register_url.  Additionally you might want to blank out both the register_url and unregister_url values (or maybe even remove the properties completely if Jive doesn't complain).


          In the definition.json (part of extension.zip) you will see something like this:


              "integrationUser": {

                  "systemAdmin": false


              "templates": [],

              "osapps": [


                      "name": "Sizing App",

                      "id": "5a95bd20-2255-5074-83bb-93eccf1a9751",

                      "appPath": "5a95bd202255507483bb93eccf1a9751",

                      "url": "%serviceURL%/osapp/sizingapp/app.xml"



              "storageDefinitions": [],

              "jabCartridges": []



          The bad news is that the app.xml isn't contained in the extension.zip and must be downloaded from somewhere (AFAIK).  You will need to find a place to host this file and update the url property accordingly.  Perhaps you could even upload app.xml to your own Jive instance as a public file.


          Note: I am assuming that there are no other files outside of your app.xml.  If you have additional HTML/CSS/JS files you may want to try to embed all of that content into the single app.xml file.


          In theory this should work... but I haven't tried it.