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    Links to build site navigation and "look and feel" are inactive.




      My question is really to Jive Support rather than the Jive community "at large," but I'm not having much luck quickly locating where I can find help on implementation.


      We have recently taken on Jive as the platform for our community.I have full permissions as an Administrator but cannot access the custom build area as the links to do not work. Choosing “Themes”>Advanced, I cannot get an active link yet I can navigate using other links within the page. The circled areas in the screen-grab below are inactive. I also note the URL is crossed out. (Screen-grab)

      Capture 1 jive.JPG

      Capture 2 -jive.JPG


      Please help provide access so I can continue working to customize the navigation and “look and feel” of our site.


      Your reply a.s.a.p. is much appreciated.


      Thank you,



      Irene Grubb
      Customer Marketing Manager