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    Is productive still alive?


      I just came across this great little piece of software! Is producteev still an active product? I see its been kind of scattered and quiet in the last few months with regards to development? I am currently using another team management platform, I like so many of the features of productive, I just want to know its still up and alive!

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          HI James -


          Yes, Producteev is still flourishing. You can signup at Producteev by Jive - Sign Up -- Let me know if you have any questions!



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            actually updates are few and far in between. it looks like the company is focusing on big ideas to do all sorts of things but the core product and its flaws are pretty much still sitting there neglected. so heed the observation that you've made because it's spot on.

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                Yes, I'm disappointed with the pace of development as well, both for the web app and the Android app. I hear there's a Windows app on the way, but...  Looking through this community, I'm seeing a number of cases in which a feature was promised for release in a certain quarter and 6 months to over a year later they're still nowhere to be seen. Why is development so slow? And why are the estimates so far off?


                I chose Producteev over Asana because it seemed like the Producteev developers grokked Android better. The Asana app for Android doesn't even have a widget yet and the developers have no plans to even put one on the roadmap. I also like how streamlined and flexible Producteev is and that Sunrise Calendar, when I started using it, had Producteev integrated. But Sunrise recently added Asana integration and I recently started using Slack, which already has Asana integration but doesn't have Producteev integration yet. It may be time to reevaluate my choice of project/task manager soon.