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    Jive 7 and email notifications- Are you using them?



      Can anyone tell me if your company is using email notifications in Jive 7? If so, did you leave ALL the email templates turned on & just direct your users how to change their preferences (or create an email watches stream)? OR, did you turn some of the email templates off? why or why not?


      We are currently using v5, and we turned off all email notification templates (Jive provided us a list of about 100 of them that are available), since launch in 2012, due to concerns that users would not understand how to use them and may feel like it was overwhelming. We recently turned on the weekly digest email notification for all users.


      As we work on rolling out v7 (hopefully in the September timeframe), we are trying to understand the email options and whether we should turn off all the templates again, or allow some to remain (or allow all of them to stay on, and just make a concerted effort to teach people how to manage preferences).


      Any thoughts out there on this? Version 7 users, what say you?


      cc: Libby Taylor, Max Calderon, any thoughts?

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          Libby Taylor

          Melissa, It's a great question. You might want to post this in a community rather than as a personal question in order to get more visibility. I'd recommend cross-posting it in Jive Internal Communities and Jive External Communities.


          I don't have an answer for you because we didn't turn any of the email templates off when I worked for Agilent (I'm not sure we even know they were there). We did advise people on how to manage the notifications however. I've got a good document to point you to if you don't already have this: Set-Up Email Notifications and Preferences

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            HI Melissa -


            Our users must actively opt in for Email Notifications on any person, place or thing, which we've educated around. The only items in which Email Notifications are defaulted on are Direct Mentions (@mentions), Notifications and Moderation Alerts. We've had no issues and feel this has been very successful in letting employees decide what they want to be notified about straight away without spamming the larger group.


            We turned off the weekly digest email almost immediately based on employee feedback and instead send a curated, HTML newsletter to employees each week linking back to the site.


            Hope this helps!

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              I can't remember what our default settings are, but we've been using Jive for a long time. I have to say that without the ability to get any email notifications, your users won't be very active. Unless your base is different than most, almost all of them probably still live in email. And if you can't let them get notifications there, they will rarely remember to come to your Jive site.

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                  Thanks for the input! I tend to agree- I think we need to allow the email notifications in order to help drive greater adoption. Initially (2 years ago) we had pushback from our Comms community, with a general feeling that the email notifications would create a lot of spam. Now we are getting a lot of feedback from that community (and also from our power users) that they really want email notifications.The challenge is that there are some folks who still want us to limit the email templates that are turned on. The problem is figuring out which ones to keep on that will still allow the functionality that people most ask for. For example, lots of folks want to be notified any time something new happens in their group. We are going from v5 to v7, so we will be able to tell people to create a stream of things they want notifications for, then turn on email notifications for that stream. Very powerful. I am assuming that if I leave "on" all of the templates that pertain to content, then I would be covered here. Perhaps I will raise this as a question in my company's private Jive group to see if I can get a Jiver to give me more details.