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    Community Manager Reports


      Please excuse me if this is the wrong place to ask this but while I see how to add profile fields as filters I do not see how to add tags as filters in CMR.

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          Tags are not supported as filters in CMR. In general, the analytics DB does not have the kind of tag information needed to do meaningful filtering.


          Can you share what you are trying to accomplish? Perhaps I can provide some advice...

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              Hi Josh,


              We are currently in the process of upgrading from 4.5.7 to 7x. If you look at the screen shot below you’ll see what appears to be filtering by tags.




              Now I was just informed by a user that it does not actually work. Since I was not here when it was originally implemented I have to assume it did work at one time but during some upgrade stopped working and was never investigated. Based upon my understanding if I want to filter by a user attribute this is possible if it’s a field that either exists or has been added to their profile.  However if I want to search by an attribute of the content do I need that content to be part of a category if I cannot use tags?


              Dennis David

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                  Caton Guilbault

                  Hi Dennis,


                  I had this confusion as well. CMR filters based on the user not content. If a user(s) has a specific tag you can filter on it for content created by that user(s).


                  Filter info from slide 14 of CMR Introduction.pptx :


                  Report on a subset of Users


                  Define filters on searchable profile fields

                  • User charts: Active, Participating & Contributing users that match filter
                  • Content charts: content created by people that match filter
                  • Question charts: questions asked by people that match filter
                  • Profile charts: profile completion by people that match filter
                  • Places Activity charts: top places for people that match filter
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                My reading seems to confirm that filtering is user centric but since we are considering Jive as a possible knowledgebase platform it's important for us to be able search based upon content attributes as well.