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    Limit User Functionality


      Hi everyone!


      So I have a situation that hopefully someone might have encountered before. I am looking at creating a space to only be accessible by a certain group of users. I can easily create a federated (we use SSO) group to house all these users. I can also create a space and edit their permissions so they only have access to this one space. I understand they will have access to everything the "Everyone" group can see. I am concerned that they will also have access to Browse all People and potentially direct message all users.  Is there any way to create this scenario where they cannot browse and direct messaging is turned off for them?



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          Users are generally globally accessible in Jive, so outside of adding your restricted users as external contributors to a group (which would not work with out of the box SSO) there is not a great way to limit a subset of users' ability to browse and view other people.


          However, if the main concern is not allowing these users to DM other people, you can configure your community so that there is a bi-directional connection between users required before they can send DMs. IE, if user 1 wants to DM user 2, user 1 must follow user 2, and user 2 must also follow user 1 back before a DM can be sent.


          This configuration can be set in System > Settings > Direct Messages and Sharing. You would need to check the box titled "Require User Connection". Keep in mind this will be a global setting and would apply to all users, not just those in the limited group.


          Hope this helps.