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    How do I add a second tile to my node.js app?




      I followed the tutorial on how to create a list tile with the node sdk (Getting Started > Creating a List Tile with the Jive Node SDK).

      I customized the list tile and everything worked really well.

      I then tried to create a second list tile inside my app folder

      jive-sdk create tile-list --name="self-help"


      I now have two tiles in /tiles

      drwxr-xr-x 4 holger users 4096 Jul  4 17:41 sampletile-list
      drwxr-xr-x 4 holger users 4096 Jul 18 16:46 self-help
      -rw-r--r-- 1 holger users  308 Jul 18 17:25 templates.json


      When I start the app I get this (among other things):

      [2014-07-18 17:34:57.016] [INFO] jive-sdk - Updating definition 'sampletile-list'
      [2014-07-18 17:34:57.017] [INFO] jive-sdk - Updating definition 'self-help'


      I uploaded the new extension.zip and integrated the tile into my group space.


      But the data for my tile never gets updated:

      2014-07-18 17:35:07.407] [INFO] jive-sdk - Data push to 'https://myurl.com/api/jivelinks/v1/tiles/1081/data' 204 'sampletile-list'
      [2014-07-18 17:35:11.997] [INFO] jive-sdk - Updated 3 data file(s): [tileDefinition, jiveExtension, exampleStore]
      [2014-07-18 17:35:17.394] [INFO] jive-sdk - Data push to 'https://myurl.com/api/jivelinks/v1/tiles/1081/data' 204 'sampletile-list'
      [2014-07-18 17:35:27.024] [INFO] jive-sdk - Updated 1 data file(s): [exampleStore]
      [2014-07-18 17:35:27.384] [INFO] jive-sdk - Data push to 'https://myurl.com/api/jivelinks/v1/tiles/1081/data' 204 'sampletile-list'


      What else do I have to do to make this work?


      Thanks for any help. The tutorials are nice for a first start but sadly lack after that.



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          Hi Holger,


          I have just tried this from scratch and it worked, here is what I did (on a linux system):


          1. mkdir Tutorial02
          2. cd Tutorial02
          3. jive-sdk create tile-list
          4. jive-sdk create tile-list --name="self-help"
          5. npm update
          6. edited jiveclientconfiguration.json to change from localhost to my node server IP
          7. node app.js
          8. Added the addon by uploading the newly generated extension.zip


          After following these steps I could see the add-on contained two tiles, both self-help and sampletile-list. I only have access to that system from my other machine - will upload some screenshots in a moment.


          Just as some trouble shooting steps it would be worth uninstalling the addon before re-uploading your new addon. I found in my testing last night that sometimes my Filezilla client wouldnt replace the extension.zip on my local machine for me to upload it due to only very slight changes, so I tend to delete extension.zip (although probably just a placebo) and that seems to avoid that issue for me.


          Hope this helps


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