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    Updating message templates in Jive 7 to have custom unsubscribe url

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      I am planing to update all following message templates in jive 7 to have Unsubscribe url at the bottom of the emails. So user clicks on it and it will unsubscribe user from that piece of content instead user goes on UI and clicks on stop follow. 


      We have this our custom function in jive 4.5 but now we are upgrading to jive 7.

      I will be addling following code which was in 4.5 templates at the bottom. In this example I have take Document Watch as an example. where I am trying to use document.ID,user.ID


      <div style="background-color: #f4f4f4; padding: 10px; margin-top: 20px;"> 
          <p style="margin: 0;"><a href="${JiveGlobals.getJiveProperty("jiveURL")}/unsubscribe.jspa?
          Unsubscribe</a> from ${contentSubject}</p>     


      I wanted know how it is possible to use all these values (in bold ) in  the templates. Is there there any backed java code which will inject these values.  I did not wrote this code in 4.5 so just curious how this thing is working.



      Template Names                  Values


      Blog Comment Created --> comment.bean.getObjectID(),user.ID

      Blog Watch -- > blogPost.ID,user.ID

      CernerVideo Comment Notification --> comment.bean.getObjectID()?c

      CernerVideo Watch --> contentObject.ID?c

      Comment Watch Email --> comment.bean.getObjectType(),comment.bean.getObjectID(),user.ID

      Document Author Comment Notification --> comment.bean.getObjectID(),user.ID 

      Document Comment Notification --> comment.bean.getObjectID(),user.ID

      Document Watch --> document.ID,user.ID

      Poll Comment Notification --> comment.bean.getObjectID(),user.ID

      Poll Watch --> contentObject.ID,user.ID

      Task Watch --> contentObject.ID,user.ID

      Thread Watch --> thread.ID,user.ID