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    Generic URLs for Oauth and API calls


      Hi, I'll create an Oauth registered Add-on, so all of Jive customers are able to integrate their accounts with our external app.

      I guess I'd need a generic Jive URL so I can get the Oauth access token no matter what's the client Jive's URL. And once I have this token I'd need an API call to know which is the client that this user belongs to.


      Please, could someone help me with this? I only found Oauth and API call for specific networks (https://customer.jiveon.com/...).



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          Robert Hanson

          If you understand how OAuth 2 works, then you are almost there ... if you don't do a little research on that first.  I had to do that recently and it cleared up a lot of things.


          You should also look at the Jive node SDK, Getting Started > Installing the Jive Node SDK.  In the SDK is an example app called example-webhooks, and part of it allows the admin in Jive to send the OAuth token to the external app, which then allows the external app to make calls into Jive.  ...That is assuming you want the customer to be able to pass your app the token without having the user come to your app first to initiate the OAuth dance.


          As far as knowing which client is which, the node SDK handles all of this as well, so it might serve as a good example.  If you don't speak node it takes a little time to understand what is going on, but it is well worth looking into.

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              Thanks Robert, I've dived into the node jive-sdk and it has great capabilities, but I'm working on a structure that already works with other social networks and I should standardize the Jive mechanism against the other ones. I guess I don't have other options than setting up the Community URL for each group of users so I can use it for oauth and API calls. Thanks again.

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                  Ryan Rutan

                  Just to chime in here, if your existing structure assumes 1 "channel" per system, then I would guess that you are right, and would need to singularly authenticate each one.  Is the system not letting you setup multiple entries with the same OAuth register URLs or something?  I guess I'm confused where the actual conflict is coming in, minus having to enter in an entry into your system for every specific container? (after typing it, that might be the issue you are talking about).


                  Let me know, but sounds like you are doing things the right if given your existing system.