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    Jive iOS help


      Hi, I'm using the Jive iOS SDK to build an app based on communicating Jive Ideas. I'm having trouble pulling the content body from each idea as HTML code that I can display in-app. So far I'm only able to retrieve the summary for each idea and display a plain text version of it, without formatting/smileys/links etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

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          This is the biggest issue that you have to solve with an application written outside of Jive.  In order to render the content appropriately you are faced with a lot of formatting issues.  You can pull an HTML version of the content (or at least a mostly HTML version) but the formatting of that content is still up to the local application.  So using a WebView in the ios application is generally the faster way to show the content.  In this case you will still have a number of formatting issues.

          Sorry I don't have more specifics (or a solution).  This formatting issue has been a major blocker for a smooth application presentation for us for some time.  Just no time/resources to invest in making it to our standards.

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              Let me try to loop in some Jive mobile engineers on this topic and see what they have to say on the matter.  In general, I agree with Kevin's sentiments around simplification; however, I do know that we are able to do   Stay tuned. =)

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              If you've got a JiveIdea object from the SDK, the "content" property should give you a JiveContentObject instance, whose "text" property is going to be the HTML content body.  Are you finding that this is not giving back HTML content or the full content for you (i.e. if you use HTML formatting it's stripped out, or the text is truncated)?


              As whoiskevin posted above the fastest way to format this content is to use a UIWebView.  To make internal links work properly and decide how to open them (you're going to want to have different flows if the user clicked a link in the content that goes to other content within your Jive instance, versus a link to elsewhere on the web) , you can use the UIWebViewDelegate's shouldStartLoadWithRequest function to decide how to deal with that.