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    issues with custom actions



      After updating to 2.0 from 1.10.x im facing few issues with custom actions. say i defined a action name customLogin and defined it in struts.xml file in the plugin then in the user-bar.ftl changed the action from cs-login to customLogin but when i try to login to system im getting a 404 error which directly means that system is unable to find my action.


      can somebody comment on this...


      Thank you,


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          We are having the same issue, in clearspace 2.5.4 it seems like  a clearspace bug,

          thing is if we first defined action,but not modify anything in ftl and buid the plugin everything is fine and after restart then if we modify the ftl and instead of rebuildingand restarting server we just flush the theme ftl files  with ant task, it also works fine, and our action gets called and all is good,

          but as soon as we stop the server and rebuild the whole thing then clearspace gets confused and all plugin actions are getting lost as if  plugin's struts.xml file have never even been read,

          and yes we did checked admin plugins to make sure plugis are listed their, even our plugin lifecycle init method gets called.


          P.S: we are preparing a detail report on it ad will write a question in the forum shortly.