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    Addition to Community Manager Reports?


      This query is about output from the community manager reports.


      As part of the ToR's for group ownership in the community there has to be a minimum of two group owners (can be more) for the administration team they monitor the compliance of this and remind group owners where it falls to just one (usually as part of a job change) that they need to add more group owners (there are lots of business policy reasons for this but would take too long to explain).


      My question in, when exporting to a .csv file from the CMR one of the fields gives the name of (I'm assuming here, happy to be corrected) the first group owner it finds. Is there anyway this can be changed to list all the group owners for that group or space? It seems to me the hard work in the code has already been done, it's just a case of not limiting the field to 1 but to all (but hey, I'm not a coder, what would I know )


      Any thoughts on this would be grateful to know.