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    Redirection issue in Jive 7

    kavita.kumari Novice

      I have created one custom widget and it is used to submit the form and return back to same form.


      In the struts.xml, I specified  action where I provide my own custom FTL and redirection after the form is successfully submitted :


      <!DOCTYPE struts PUBLIC "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 2.0//EN"
          <package name="jiveSimpleExample-actions"  namespace="/" extends="community-actions-include">
               <action name="demo"
                  <result name="success">/main/plugin/resources/templates/hello-world.ftl</result>
                  <result name="success-add" type="redirect">hello-world.jspa?created=true</result>
                  <result name="unauth" type="httpheader">
                      <param name="status">401</param>


      I am having a problem in redirection to hello-world.jspa after form is successfully submitted.



      Please let me know if any configuration/mapping require for the redirection to jspa in jive.


      Thanks in advance for any help!



      Kavita Kumari

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          amit.bhonsle Advanced

          Hi Ryan Rutan,


          I am facing the same issue. Could you please help?




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              kavita.kumari Novice

              I suppose the problem with my code is action name and jspa name are different.


              Below is the working code :


              1. <struts> 
              2.     <package name="jiveSimpleExample-actions"  namespace="/" extends="community-actions-include"> 
              3.          <action name="demo" 
              4.             class="com.jivesoftware.clearspace.plugin.example.action.DemoAction"> 
              5.             <result name="success">/main/plugin/resources/templates/demo.ftl</result> 
              6.             <result name="success-add" type="redirect">demo.jspa?created=true</result> 
              7.             <result name="unauth" type="httpheader"> 
              8.                 <param name="status">401</param> 
              9.             </result> 
              10.         </action> 
              11.     </package> 
              12. </struts> 


              I am using same name for action and jspa and It is redirecting properly.


              Thanks & Regards,