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    Using JIVE 7 trending API can i fetch non default types such as 'Idea' and 'Event'?


      I'm using JIVE 7 api/core/v3/contents service to fetch trending content. Out of the box it JIVE supports a host of types and each are returned in my result if they happen to be trending. If my trending content contains Idea and Event type activity and i make a call with the REST API then these types will be ignored. In order to make sure these two types are returned i need to use a filter and explicitly list them in the types i want returned E.gfilter=type(document,discussion,idea)

      This brings me to my questions;

      1. Is it possible to have the call made for trending content return Idea and Event by default?
      2. When i use the filter it seems to work using AND logic so if one of the types i'm looking up is empty then the complete request fails and returns an empty list. Is there a way to use a filter with OR logic?
      3. Is there any time lag between what shows up on a users trending page content?filterID=recommended&sr=tcontent and what will be returned when calling the REST API /api/core/v3/contents/trending?count=20
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          1. Any content that the /contents service returns should be applicable. That being said, I tried this in the Jive Community and I'm getting 0 results when I apply the type filter by itself.  Given that this trending is pre-processed, there might be limitations on how you can invoke permutations.  Let me escalate to see if it's the API that is causing the issue, or the documentation not being correct.
          2. Same as above
          3. These elements should reference the same underlying service, so doubtful there will be much (if any) lag between access points.


          Stay tuned for more on #1.

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              This is supposed to work; however, we've confirmed that there is a bug in the data filtering elements on this service.  We've filed the bug for it, and will get it on the list to look into.  For reference: JIVE-47084 is the issue number should you want to look into it further.


              As for work-arounds, you can look at possibly inferring trending by something like a Webhook + counts likes on content types for a specific container, but this might be more work than you are looking to do.  If you need to show a list of content, I would suggest "Recent" as a back-up until we can get this bug fixed.


              Let me know if you have any further questions.


              Hope this helps.