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    Jive Classic mobile app gone from Apple App store - is this intentional?

    tmaurer Jive SME

      We are a few weeks from upgrading to Jive 7, so this won't be an issue for us for long, but we had an employee today whose Jive app wasn't responding properly. She decided to delete and reinstall, but when she went to the App store, the Jive Classic app was no longer there. I just validated that - only the new "white" app (v3) is there.


      Is this intentional? And if it is, why were we not given any warning? As I said, this won't be an issue for long (for my community members), but now it seems I have to tell people to sit on their thumbs and wait till we complete our upgrade.


      cc: Wim Stoop, Anuj Verma

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          matt.curry Novice

          Had the same thing happen for us?  How do we use Jive 6 on a mobile environment now?

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            WTH?! Just had a call from IT setting up the Chairman of the Board with a new iPad that is supposed to have Jive Classic on it so he can keep up with our employee community. Can't install it because it has vanished from the Apple Store.


            This really pulls the rug out from under us with no warning.


            Bob Miller Oudi Antebi

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              matt Novice

              Hi all,


              I'd appreciate all of your input on the best path forward! As already noted in the thread, the "Classic" apps in the app stores were creating a lot of confusion:


              • On iOS, the app appeared as the first search result for "Jive" based on historical download count. That's despite the fact that quite a small percentage of Jive end-users are on Jive 5 (or 6.0.x previous to 6.0.3). And technically, Jive 5 has been EOL for quite some time.
              • On Android, the "classic" app was simply a thin wrapper on top of the mobile web experience. It delivered an experience that most found quite disappointing (based on reviews). End-users are probably better served by the mobile web experience which continues to work fine.


              On top of that, analytics tells us that they were being downloaded by quite a small number of users, and used daily by an even smaller number of users.


              Some of the options:


              • We continue to make the Classic app binaries available to anyone that wishes to host them for enterprise distribution. They simply need to be signed/distributed as per any other enterprise app. We can provide access privately to anyone that wants it.
              • Users that have already installed the apps -- they will continue to work.
              • The mobile web version of Jive continues to work. It's a pretty good solution overall.
              • We can turn the classic apps back on for a period of time, but that will have the downsides as noted above. I'm open to the notion of coming up with a different name, but I'm not sure how to solve for confusion while still having the word "Jive" in the name.


              More generally, enormous changes have happened on mobile devices over the past several years since Jive 5 and even Jive 6 were released. We're quite proud of the mobile experiences we're able to offer on Jive 7 or Jive Cloud. Anyone not already in the process of upgrading, we'd love to help you get started!

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                  Matt Tucker -- thanks for finally jumping in to provide a response from Jive. IMO, however, you are at least 95 days too late -- really, you are 6 months too late, as we should have been told all of this with many months notice so we could plan how to respond to this change. Explaining after the fact does not cut it.


                  I feel you have missed some important points:


                  • Communication goes a long way to reduce confusion and lower frustration levels. There was NONE here. Jive simply removed functionality we are paying extra to have, with no warning, no discussion, no input from those of us affected, and no response to our questions for five days. I like you, Matt, and I like Jive, but that simply sucks. It would have helped a little bit if you'd started off your response here with an apology ackowledging this failure.
                  • Jive knew exactly which customers would be affected by this. Why didn't you reach out to us and offer this explanation in advance, so we could PLAN for it? Did everyone who works to support your customers know this change was taking place -- and did they sign off on it thinking it was A-OK to blindside customers? I think not, since my inquiry was the first my reps had heard of the change.
                  • We have low usage levels of the Jive Classic mobile app in our organization, agreed. But a large percentage of those users are our top executives! We need their support and engagement, we need their leadership in setting an example, and we need to meet them where they are, which is often on the road without easy access to a PC. Please don't assume your analytics give you a clear picture of what matters most -- ask us what the impact of the change would be. For us, it meant we missed the chance to get our Chairman of the Board using Jive on his iPad. That's a big miss, and made us look pretty stupid.
                  • Do you think we like being on ancient Jive 5 instead of having all the cool new features of the latest version? We will upgrade as soon as we are able to do so. While this move may light some fires and force organizations to move faster in upgrading, it's also making Jive look like idiots. How else to explain the app simply disappearing with no notice and no explanation? It's taken five days to receive your response. That's not a professional way to operate.
                  • Mobile web is not an option for us, because it would require users to be on the VPN on their mobile devices. That's a really ugly scenario, not anyone's idea of easy access to Jive. The mobile gateway allows us to give simple access to users -- deprecating it forces us to change our authentication technology and we have been unable to do so rapidly. Corporate IT departments don't generally turn on a dime, especially ones in the middle of major infrastructure change projects, as ours is.


                  So, how about a simple name change for the app and put it back in the App Store?

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                  shirlin Novice

                  Unfortunately, we are unable to get an entire division on the new Jive app because they are not on our SSO. As a workaround, they are instructed to download the Jive Classic app and use mobile the way we used to in Jive 5, before we upgraded to Jive 7 in May.


                  As Ted stated, it would have been nice to know way in advance. What is your recommended approach for us to communicate now, after the fact?

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                    Kate Bellard Advanced

                    Android users have reported that the avatars are not showing up.

                    jivemobile 2_no avatars.png

                    Is anyone else experiencing this? We are on Jive version 6.0.3.

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                      Hello all,


                      Quick introduction - my name is Shantanu and I am the new PM for Jive's mobile apps.  I am really excited with what we have planned with the Jive mobile apps.


                      Some quick house cleaning items to start with.


                      We will be retiring the Jive classic app for iOS on March 31st 2015.  The app will be removed from the app store and the app will not be supported.  The current version of the Jive mobile app supports Jive 6 and 7 so if you have upgraded, you should not have any issues.


                      Please let me know if you have any questions.