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    Content search (filter) by tag in REST 3




      It seems that I cant use tag filter in content search, call like


      results in

        "error" : {
        "code" : "filterInvalid",
        "status" : 400,
        "message" : "Invalid filter expression tag(mosaic)"


      Any thoughts on that?

        • Re: Content search (filter) by tag in REST 3

          The search endpoint (/api/core/v3/search/contents) does not have a tag filter per se -- just search for the tag value as text:


               GET /api/core/v3/search/contents?filter=search(mosaic)


          The browse endpoint (/api/core/v3/contents), on the other hand, does support a tag filter with the syntax you are using:


               GET /api/core/v3/contents?filter=tag(mosaic)