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    Tagging individual users


      We use jive for a prospect/student community. Through community ambassadors, our objective is to positively impact the prospect experience by providing them in-depth information, connecting them to those who have a first-hand experience, and providing a stronger affinity.


      We have a number of rolling start dates throughout the year depending on the degree program they are enrolling in.


      What we'd like to do is when someone says, "I'm starting in Sept 2014", is add a tag to that user account that says "September 2014" and "Start date".

      THis way, we can follow up with the person just before the start date to remind them of the to-do items they should complete prior to the first day of class, as well as follow up with them once they've completed their first week of classes.


      Right now, we can add tags to the discussion, but not individual users.


      Ideally, we'd like this info to only be available to admins (for privacy reasons). We thought about possibly adding it as a field to the profile that we could fill in, but that isn't a) scalable b) not private (only seen by admins 3) not quite effective.


      Are there any other ways we could tag a user with a series of keywords so that we could search on those keywords at various times of the year?


      We have over 50 start dates, so activity streams isn't the solution.


      It would be REALLY cool if we could set up reminders to follow up with people at a certain date or period of time .. we could use this a million ways to Sunday within our use case.



      In the next phase of our community, we will create cohort groups to bring in reserved students (enrolled, not yet started) by their start date and nurture them through these private groups. We just aren't really to scale to that level yet. Our community is only 4 months old still, and we're working through all of our kinks and operating guidance still.


      Looking forward to what others have to say!