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    Spaces in Category and Template Names


      HI Folks


      Re the issue of spaces in the category and template names......


      I have a link formed....formbuilder#canvas:{"category":"Technical Network","template":"Request for Technical Interpretation","locationType":"group","locationId":"2446"}" _jive_internal="true">


      The spaces are killing me.


      If I use this in an html widget.....when the link is fired the spaces are converted to %20 and as previously discussed it won't find the Category etc and stops on the page where the category and template are to be selected.


      If I take the same href and create a Jive doc and put the link in it ......the spaces are handled corrected - all is well - the category and form are selected and the completed form published to the correct social group - Perfect!


      Just wondering if there is some way to form the href to function correctly in an plain html widget?

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          Hey - Is there are update on this question as I am also having the same issue.


          In addition to the HTML widget, I also tried to add the url in Group 'Pages' using content sets or guided navigation(and other tiles with urls), and the URL is not accepted when I try to save the page.


          Thanks in advance!