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    Integrating IT Ticket System and Jive Support Community


      I'm wondering if there are there are any community managers who could share how they coordinate the interaction between an IT ticket system and folks who ask questions in a community.  At my company, we have a IT issue ticket system and our Jive community.  Has anyone had to integrate two similar systems to Jive questions/issues?

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          Dennis Pearce

          We keep them pretty much separate.  Our IT help desk handles issues when employees are not able to log into our Jive instance, but once they are in it is the responsibility of the community managers to handle questions and problems.  There are couple of reasons we do this:


          • If someone with a legitimate userid cannot log into our Jive platform, that is a technical issue, and the help desk can get access to the user's desktop,  LDAP servers and other network tools that the community managers cannot.  However, if someone who has already logged in cannot access a particular place or piece of content, it may be a technical issue, but it may also be a case of poorly set permissions, the user not knowing how to request access, or the user not being allowed access intentionally.  Our help desk is "on the clock" when a ticket is opened to close that ticket as quickly as possible, which could result in someone being given access to content they shouldn't or being given answers that don't really help.  It's easier for the more knowledgeable community manager to assess the situation and provide the best possible solution.  Sometimes it's opening a ticket with Jive, sometimes it's making a change ourselves in the admin console, sometimes it's alerting the space or group owner to a change they might need to make, sometimes it's coaching and training the one who reported the problem.
          • Often users will call the help desk to ask questions like "Is it possible to ... " or "How do I ...".  On many of our more transactional systems the answer to these kinds of questions is a pretty straightforward set of instructions or just "no, you can't do that" and our help desk is conditioned to answer that way.  But when someone asks a question like that in our community, there is often a deeper question below the surface one that the help desk doesn't get to.  For example, if a user asks "Can I create sub-categories?," the help desk answer might be "no" because that is the correct answer to the literal question, but the community manager is more likely to say "No, but can you tell me what you're trying to do?  Maybe there's another way we can organize your content to meet your needs."

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            We do pretty much the same thing as Dennis for the same reasons.


            The only thing I would add is that we have a substantial amount of help documentation available in our community to which we can link when questions are asked in the help forums in our Jive instance. Although we could, in theory, toss in a link in response to a ticket raised with our Help Desk, it's not a great way to engage someone with the community and teach them how to use it.


            Although all Jive-related queries raised with the Help Desk do get passed on to our team, we are pretty strict about handling only the log-in issues in this manner; for all other questions related to features and functionality, we direct them to post in the online help forums.

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              Kara Francis

              I had asked this same question in our company-specific support group that they have here in the JC.  They said that it was through an integration with their CRM and a lot of customization.  I'll let someone from Jive more fully respond, but they referred me to Professional Services.  We never pursued it.


              But similar to the other responses, we have a lot of help documentation inside of Jive. The Help Desk has been trained on how to search within Jive as another source of information beyond their standard "knowledge base".  But to Dennis' point, speed is a factor and also we don't ask or expect the help desk to respond to "how do I" questions.  Their instructions are to refer them to the relevant community, where the community (not just the owners) can be of assistance.


              But it is up to the application owners (not just for the Jive app, but other applications such as email, WebEx, mainframe, etc.) to monitor and manage their place to field any questions that need to be answered and to keep their application documentation updated. 


              For Jive related questions, if something can't be answered or resolved easily within the place, then we refer them to call the Help Desk and open a ticket.  Once we (usually another team) resolve the issue, then we post the resolution to the thread, so that anyone else who might experience that issue can see the reply.  We also update our known issues wiki, faq, and other documentation where the issue may need to be addressed.  But each application team has their own SOP, so not everyone follows this same practice.