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    Approving uploaded documents - visibility of the approve/reject buttons


      We have a few challenges with approving the uploaded documents:


      This is our scenario:


      • We have a space, with multiple projects within.
      • We upload documents relevant a project within the project space
      • We have a set of users who have create permissions at the space level.
      • Documents that are uploaded into these projects are assigned to one of these users for approval using the advanced options > Doc Approver field.
      • They can approve it straight away if no edits are required. If edits are required, they are supposed to edit the document offline and upload the edited version


      Now, all my users see the Approve/Reject button when they first view the document (navigating from the link in their notification) But:

      1. The approve/reject button disappears when they upload their edited version. And the person who set the document for approval receives a notification saying they've approved the doc.
      2. If the project is one that the approver created, and the document is uploaded by someone else, with the project creator as the approver, the approver will continue to see the approve/reject buttons after they have uploaded their edited version,


      Can you please help me understand how the Approve/Reject buttons work? Are all approvers supposed to see the approve/reject button after they upload their edited version?


      Vinh Jones Zach Fredrickson