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    Embedding Brightcove Videos in Discussions (Jive 7).


      Brightcove is our video archive of record and although Jive Support's official word is that Jive 7 does not support embedding of Brightcove Flash players, we have found a way to include them in our hosted, private (https) Community's discussion threads and documents.  We've tested this successfully in IE8, Firefox 30.0 and Chrome 36.0.  Here's how we do it:


      1. Select a video and the Single Player Video option in your Brightcove Media archive, (for some unknown reason, this method only works with the Single Video Player; Chromeless players are a no-go), and copy the JavaScript publishing code (use the copy tool to ensure you get the entire snippet):

      BC Quick Video Publish.jpg

      2. Modify the JavaScript in Notepad (not MS Word) to prevent mixed content warnings in browsers, (this is for https environments; skip this step for http environments):


      BC JS edits.jpg

      (The width and height of the Single Video Player can also be edited, but this may cause the appearance of scroll bars, so review your adjustments accordingly.)


      3. Next verify that the correct Player ID and Key (from the Brightcove Single Player Javascript snippet) are loaded into the Brightcove filter in the Admin Console (Spaces > Settings > Filters and Macros > Custom Video Provider Macro: CustomVideoMacro: brightcove):


      BC AC macro.jpg


      4. Start a Discussion/Write a Document and then select the Insert Video option in the top nav of the discussion/document editor:


      BC Embed JS_1.jpg


      5. Select "From the Web" option in the dialog box, copy+paste in the (modified) Javascript and click "Insert Video:"


      BC JS Embed dialog.jpg

      6. Last step: Post/Publish and you should be all set.


      Disclaimer: As mentioned at the top, Jive Support's official position is that embedding Brightcove Flash players is not currently supported in Jive 7; this method works for our Community, however, your results may vary.


      Happy to answer questions.