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    Use JIVE rest API to get external user's file download activities


      Hi experts, I'm new to JIVE. I'd like to know whether JIVE has REST API to get external user's file download activities? Here is the scenario: 

      1. user1 is the community admin.

      2. user2 is a member in the community.

      3. user3 is an external user who has different email domain with user1 and user2

      Now user2 uploaded a file and set the visibility to specific people and input user3's email address, so that user3 will be invited to JIVE and can download this file. As the community admin, how can user1 know user3's download activity?


      I've tried api /api/core/v3/activities and /api/core/v3/content/xxx, but I have not found what I need. Any one can help me? Thanks in advance.