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    Why can't I receive notifications?



      I have a producteev account,and I have downloaded the app on my Mac and mobile, i have entered my email but I do not receive any notifications for the task created (they are all mine and for me to do).

      What should I do?



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          HI Emily -


          Based on my research into your email address, we're seeing notifications delivered, is there a chance these notifications are being captured by your spam folder?



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              Hi Nick,


              I have checked my spam folders and there isn’t any mail from Producteev.

              The other problems I have is that I do not receive reminders on my iPhone, I do not get Push notifications.

              So I have scheduled a lot of tasks but I have to go the app and filter tasks to know what I have to do which is not really practical.

              I went to the settings of my iPhone, in Notification, and I asked to get it, I also went to the settings of my Producteev account and ticked everything but nothing happened when I set test task.

              The only places where

              there is a trace of what I am doing is in the Producteev app, below the description of the subtask, but this doesn’t help me as I need alerts.

              Is there something I can do?


              Thanks for your time and attention,