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    Reverse proxy for Jive environments.


      Hi All.
      We have integration between our Jive( environment which has for example domain : example.jive.com and .net application which  has for example domain : example.net.com.


      To resolve issue with crossdomain calls we decide to configure revesre proxy on both environments.
      For example for Jive side:
      if url contains /community/api/(.*) (link to jive API) (e.g. example.jive.com/community/api/(.*))
      it call jive environment.


      but if url don't contains /community  (e.g. example.jive.com/api/(.*))
      reverse proxy send it to example.net.com/api/(.*) and get response from .net API  but we will not have cross-domain call.


      So the question is how to configure such reverse proxy behavior on Jive envrionment.
      We have one node envrionments and also have cluster environments.
      Maybe you can suggest something ? Or recommend some guides or documentation ?
      Thanks Valery.