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    ajax cross domain for Jive api v3



      My current code is this:




            $.each(data, function(i,item){           





      The only problem I get is that I have:

      throw 'allowIllegalResourceCall is false.'; which causes an error, How can I cut this line out in javascript?

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          Hi Taras,


          You may have already seen this, but the throw string is explained in detail in What is the purpose of the JSON Security String?


          An example of its removal using a regular expression (in Python) can be found here Jive REST Rest API v3.7


          In jQuery, you can use a regular expression to clean out that line in the "dataFilter" setting in an $.ajax or $.ajaxSetup call.



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              That's what i thought I can do, but when i did dataFilter: function(data, type){}, the type would come in as jsonp, but the data was undefined, I might have to play around with it a little, more, this seems like a good answer though.

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                  I have a node.js app and also a python script which call the jive rest apis.

                  Here's small code snippet I have in both these to clean the jive response

                  This might help you write a code for your case


                  In node.js app

                  request(getUserRequest, function (error, response, body) {

                         userData = JSON.parse(body.replace(/throw.*;/, "").trim())



                  You will have to write a client side version similar to this


                  Here's the code I wrote in my python scripts to clean this


                  import re

                  import json

                  jive_response = re.sub('\A.*[;]', "", jive_response.text).encode('utf8', 'ignore')

                  json_response = json.loads(jive_response)