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    Records Retention


      I am trying to get my arms around Records Retention/Aging in Jive.  My understanding is that currently there is no method to manging retention/aging within Jive.  This is a great complaince concen for me and was wondering if others had the same concern and what methods they were taking to work around this.




      Steve Zellin

      Director, Records Retention and Destruction


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          I have also looked into what little documentation is available and see nothing about retention scheduling, holds or disposition for that matter. Can this be confirmed by Jive?

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              I would also love more info on what's on the road map or how other companies are handling this. For example, we'd like to be able to say - after X months delete these content types that are inactive. BUT don't touch content that has been marked 3-year, 5-year or whatever. (Official, Final, Success, etc.) You can have a Global default setting and then defaults/overrides at the Space, subspace, group or project level and then individual content override. Would also be nice to say - "FREEZE - this is on legal hold."

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                  Along the lines of this last comment, and a question for a Jive Product Manager - is there any roadmap or plans to have functionality for putting content on a legal hold and making it un-editable?  We are working with one of our compliance stakeholders on a records-retention project (where records / content > 3 years)  needs to either be purged or moved from Jive to our Enterprise Records management system, and one of the requirements is to flag items on legal hold and not move or purge them in Jive.  Curious if this is on the horizon in Jive or whether we should make alternative plans.


                  Many Thanks!


                  Suchitra Deshpande

                  Sheree Sinda