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    Anyone using Jive Mobile with an external community?


      The mobile app (from what I can tell) seems to be geared towards internal communities.  I'm assuming that because of the signon process.  If I were a member of several external communities, there doesn't appear to be a way to sign in to multiple communities and switch between them.  It seems geared more towards logging into a single instance and staying signed in there. 


      Curious if folks with external communities allow or encourage customers or users to use the mobile app?  Do you have instructions posted on how to log in?



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          Kara Francis

          You asked the exact question that I came searching for. 


          It doesn't look like anyone has responded.  Did anyone ever get back to you outside of this discussion?


          As an external community manager as well as a customer of several other companies (i.e. Apple, Verizon, T-Mobile, Jive, etc.), I was hoping to find a way to create App icons to easily access each community.


          Sounds like we might need to submit an idea for this.

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            Billy Volpone

            Great, great question Matt. I can say that our native mobile app for iOS and Android is not just for internal use. However, you're right that it's currently focused on attaching to a single community instead of toggling between many. The key fact I find, is that even with a highly engaged an active community, most users are not installing a native app to access it. That's often a big ask of customers and many JiveX users also already have their own mobile app that they'd prefer to keep users in (which is exactly why we have Mobile SDKs to connect the dots there if any client wants).


            Where we see lots of traffic is via the mobile browser. This is so easy for users to leverage and bookmark (even as a bookmark icon on their home screen), it continues to be the go-to as the best community access point. With our newest cloud release, which you just received last month, we've enhanced this very ability via not only making our platform responsive overall, but also putting in a full mobile theme editor. You'll find this option within your upper right hand drop down menu... it'll be called "mobile home page". Once there, click edit, and you will be able to leverage JiveX tiles to make the exact mobile experience you want for your users.


            Hope this helps.

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                Kara Francis

                Very helpful!  Thank you for responding.  I just added some things to the mobile home page.  The mobile browser version feels like it could be a mobile app.  This is great.


                I do need to work on how we create documents, though.  For example, we have a document that is like an index for our knowledgebase with three columns.  On the mobile browser there is a lot of scrolling to the right.  We'll have to work on that so that users only have to scroll up and down.


                Having previously worked for a company with an on premise install, I'm really loving the frequent cloud releases!