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    Getting "following in stream" event from data export service



      I had asked this question few weeks back on developer group.

      I was told this data export service can be used, but not sure how to use it for my case.


      I want to track/get notified of every "follow in stream" event on our jive instance.

      Whenever a user starts following a group in a stream, i want the userid (or streamd id) and the group followed.

      The same way webhooks gives me details when a user joins group as a member or a group is created.


      I want to take some action on this event and it has to be real quick.


      1) Is this possible in Jive data export service?

      2) If yes, can someone give a quick example which can guide me?

      3) Can it be as quick as webhooks?

      4) Are all features of this service available tio jive v7.0.1.1 hosted customers? (or is it just cloud)

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          Ryan Rutan

          Hey Pawan, talking with Josh and we are getting a new process ironed out.  I'll loop back with you shortly this morning when I'm out of meetings to answer your questions. =)

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              Thanks Ryan.

              Just to give more context on what I am trying to do and why this is important.


              We have a customized version of streamonce on our hosted jive instance.

              We have integrated google groups with jive groups.

              We have a plugin which does all the magic to do the following stuff --

              • create a google group when a jive group is created
              • delete google group when jive group is deleted
              • add users to google group when they start following corresponding jive group in an email enabled stream
              • remove users from a google group when they un-follow corresponding jive group from an email enabled stream

              There are a lot of cases around this which our plugin smartly handles.

              Now I want to get rid of the plugin and so trying to develop some solution using jive-sdk.

              Webhooks solved my problem of getting group creation/deletion events.

              I need a way to get the "follow in stream" event to recreate rest of the magic.


              Your help is appreciated. This is our last plugin left and I want to get rid of it asap


              Also (if it matters) right now we are on hosted jive v7.0.1.1

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                  Hi Ryan,

                  Also do let me know if I can have this test setup on local machine.

                  I want to first connect it to my local jive instance.

                  So not sure what cloud analytics server should i mention on local machine.

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                      Ryan Rutan

                      Thanks for the clarification.  1st things first.  You'll need to configure your instance to make it such that it pushes data to DES.  Can you confirm that this has been done?  In essence, it should just require that you change a system configuration property...and restart.  This will tell your instance where to send information related to DES.  If you haven't done this, DM me and we'll get you squared away.


                      Once this has been done, you simply need create a service user via Manage > Add-Ons > Anaytics.


                      Once you have this information, you can connect to DES from anywhere using the supplied credentials from the above step.  This includes ANY machine (where there is a connection to DES).


                      Does this help?