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    FTL and SOY files for Jive 7




      Does Jive provide a download for all FTL and SOY files for Jive 7?


      I use Firebug to find the elements that I want to edit, but I have no idea which FTL or SOY file they exist in. It would be nice to have all of them downloaded so that I can bulk search them with my text editor. I could manually copy and paste each one via Admin Console, but that would take a while...


      Thank you

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          Ryan Rutan

          Yes.  When you register for plugin development through your support space, you will be given access to a Maven repository where you can get the sources for Jive.  From there, you will have access to all FTL/soy files for searching etc..


          To get started, reach out to your support group and ask to obtain a maven access ID.