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    Is there a guide for widgets?


      Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something. Although most Jive widgets are self-explanatory, for me as the ECM at least, there are some that I can't figure out how to use. If I can't, how can I expect my users to? And I hate it when you go into the widget to try to figure it out and the only fields you can change are the title and the "hide border" option. That gives me no info to go on.


      Two I'm struggling with right now as we prep for an upgrade to Jive 7 are the Image Navigation widget and the Event View widget. So the first one says "displays an image-based navigation"...how does it do that, though? I checked the Jive 7 documentation online. There is only the basic "available widgets reference" that I can find. That has never really provided the detailed "how to" info that would be helpful to me or my users, though. I also did a search here on the JC and didn't come across anything. Am I overlooking a resource? How do others learn how to work with these?


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