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    Overlaid FTL files containing javascript modules not being picked up?


      We have an overlay working fine against v., and have started working on porting it to, and have run into a problem.


      When loading any page there are two warnings in the Javascript console - 'Module was requested but is missing. commentMacroApps' and 'Module was requested but is missing. forumMacroDiscussionApp'

      intererstingly, we have overidden both of the FTL files that contain the javascript definitions for each of these modules.  Is there possibly a build issue where modules defined in overidden FTL files are not included?  I was seeing lots of modules missing (beyond the two noted above), but then upgraded to the latest version of the parent pom ( -> and all but two of the issues resolved themselves - partly why I think it might be a build issue.  Any help appreciated.