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    Change "Store at" default location


      How would one go about changing the default location that documents are stored when publishing in Jive for Office? Seems that our default path for "Store at" is in a folder called "Collaboration Document", but we would like to change this to store all files on a shared server location.

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          Hi Tyler,


          You can add this property to the registry: "DownloadToFolder" with the location you want listed as a string value. If for some reason that doesn't work, it's likely because there's an overriding value for the setting in the AppSettings.config file. The file is located here: "%appdata%\OffiSync\AppSettings.config". In which case you can remove that line from the config file.


          Hope this helps, please let me know if there's anything else.




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              Hi Mor,


              I don't understand how to "add this property to the registry: "DownloadToFolder" ".


              Could you please tell me in details where the "DownloadToFolder"  should be ?  Is it a system property ?  I didn't find this property in Jive Admin Documentation.  


              Thanks for your help!


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                  Registry edits are usually done by your IT department and can then be sent out to your users via a mass deploy so that the settings on their computers can be changed according to what you want, in this case you want to change the location where the documents are saved. The DownloadToFolder value should be whatever folder you want the documents to save to, the default is the Collaboration Documents folder that we create but you can change this to whatever local folder you wish - such as My Documents or something similar.


                  It isn't a Jive Admin setting, it's a different process that can be managed by your IT department, they should be able to modify registry settings for users' computers.


                  Hope that helps, please let me know if there is anything else.

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                This can also be done by registry under Software\Jive.
                The AppSetting.config file overrides the registry settings.
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