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    Real-Time Chat is not working


      We have Jive Hosted Jive SBS 8c2.1. I turned on Real-Time and enabled the chat bar for users and external contributors. I can see my avatar at the bottom of the page where the chat bar would be, but my status indicator is gray and I can't click on it to expand the chat bar. Here is a screen cap.




      I tried this in all latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and IE on Windows 7. Also tried with a different login and on an external network connection.


      In fact, it's very much like the issue addressed in Real-Time is enabled, but doesn't work...? A suggestion posted was to check the Add-Ons page for the Reconnect to service button, but I don't see that in my Admin Console at all. Perhaps that's part of the issue?


      Thanks in advance!

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          This is strange. All of a sudden it is working. I should have mentioned in my original post that according to Chrome Developer Tools console, realtime-data-phx.prod.jivehosted.com appeared to be unreachable. That is not the case now. I don't know what changed. Certainly wasn't anything I did. I was starting to suspect my Kaspersky anti-virus. If it should break again, that's what I'll check first.