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    Why do "skills and expertise" tags have underscores?


      We are upgrading to Jive 7 this weekend, so I'm doing my final run throughs and making sure I understand how things work. This one has me perplexed.


      If I enter a skill that is more than one word, the Jive system "translates" it into two words connected with underscores. However, Curtis Gross explained that in Jive 7, underscores weren't used by the system for joining multi-word tags. So I'm having a hard time unerstanding. Is this an engineering disconnect? And if so, has it been logged as a bug to be fixed? Also, will that have an impact on findability? I know in the past, if multi-word keywrods were joined with underscores, searchers needed to include the underscore in order for the system to find the match. Is that still the case?


      Thanks for your feedback!