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    Jive TC User Group Recap - August 11, 2014

    Kara Francis Novice

      We had a great gathering on August 11, 2014 where we discussed several key topics.  We'd love to continue the discussion via our JC group.  Feel free to join in!


      Although only an hour, we discussed several things.  Here are some things that came up during the conversation:

      • How did you get your executive leaders to buy in to using Jive as your intranet?
        • We all know that senior leader buy-in is one of the biggest struggles and also one of the greatest factors that leads to higher adoption and integration into how we work.
        • It was great to hear that the internal communications team was one of the first adopters and was able to put together a case that started on a smaller scale, but allowed them to then ease into migrating everything to Jive.  (and they have 95% adoption as a result!)
        • Who else uses Jive as their actual intranet?  How is it going?  Who is considering it?
        • What have been your success and challenges with getting senior leader buy-in?
      • How can we incorporate Jive and social collaboration best practices into a learning program?
        • This topic got me excited, since I have an L&D background and feel that social collaboration platforms have a perfect spot on an employee's learning roadmap.
        • The original question was about how to engage the learners after the program was over and encourage them to continue the conversations and leverage the network for support and resources.
        • The discussion really focused on needing to incorporate the social component into the main program as well as after the program.  If the learners don't have an opportunity to adopt the concept during the program, they are less likely to adopt it after it is over.  The more opportunities that they have to see the benefits of collaborating in this way while they have an engaged facilitator, the greater chance that some of them will continue independently.
        • We also talked about a cohort approach vs. a centralized group that included alumni - as well as a combination
        • We know, however, that some will never recognize the value.  But the program needs to be set up in a way that at least provides the opportunity for usage.
        • Do you already leverage Jive as a part of your company's learning strategy?
      • We also talked about "owning and managing" the Jive platform vs the influencers of truly driving adoption.
        • For those in attendance, Jive was "owned" by different teams for each organization.
        • Does who "owns" the platform make a difference on the adoption rates?  The consensus was that the "who" didn't necessarily matter - it was whether those who own it actually "get it" (and know how it can be used to help people work smarter) and if they are in a position of influence.
        • This reminded us that the Jive TC User Group doesn't need to be limited to those who own and manage the tool, but really anyone who has a passion and interest in leveraging Jive to improve how they and their team works.  Please share the invitation to our September 18th user group meeting with anyone that you think can benefit from participating.
        • Here is a link to the registration form
        • Where does Jive "sit" in your company?  Marketing?  IT?  HR? Communications?  Innovation? Somewhere else?
      • The importance of mobile
        • Someone pointed out that a lot of companies are first designing for mobile, and then designing for the browser.  I thought that that was interesting and smart.  It really demonstrates that they are considering the user experience (since a lot of web sites just don't work that well on a mobile device) - but it also demonstrates that they know what users want.
        • Without a mobile counterpart, people can't truly embrace Jive anywhere anytime.
        • Each person in attendance worked somewhere that had a BYOD strategy, but not everyone had a strategy to incorporate Jive mobile.
        • When mobile is not a part of the landscape, users have to find another medium to share their information for those who might travel or be out in the field (or even in a conference room).
        • Most companies allow email on employees' personal devices, so they end up emailing the info instead of leveraging Jive.
        • Do you have Jive mobile?  Was it easy or hard to get support for that?  What security did you have to put into place to get it to work and align with other company policies?


      This is just a sample of the topics that came up in our brief conversation and the quick notes that we tried to take.


      It was great to get insights and ideas, hear success stories and challenges, and get to know local Jive users better. We hope that you can make it out to our September 18th event where we'll have more time to connect and discuss the topics that are most pressing to you.  The presenters would like to tailor their topics based on input from you.  Please post a comment on the September 18th event to give us your thoughts on what you'd like to see, discuss, and hear at that meeting.  Since these meetings are for all of us, we want to know what matters most to you.  Your feedback will also help us with future gatherings.