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    Pageview Breakdown


      Hi everybody!


      I just had a quick question I know the Community Manager Reports can be used to look up the Space Activity which lets you dive down and see the individual activity for each specific space. I was wondering if it was at all possible to take the data from the Pageviews report and get a similar space activity?


      Basically my executive team would like to have the data below broken down like the CMR reports. Is that an option at all?:


      Views generated by a user 127,350

      API Views Non-user generated views 127,913

      Page ViewsUser views + API views 255,263

      Mobile Views Subset of Page Views that originate from a mobile device 5,904

      Bot/Crawler ViewsViews generated by a search engine bot or crawler 10,892

      Total ViewsPage Views + Bot/Crawler Views 266,155