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    Using Jive for Learning Programs

    monica.swanson Novice

      I am comment on “How can we incorporate Jive and social collaboration best practices into a learning program?”

      I have used Jive groups with many of our leadership programs in the past, and this year have further implemented this across all our programs.  In the past I won a “Technology in Learning” award for our use of Jive in a virtual leadership program.  If there are additional discussions on this topic, please let me know.  Thanks.

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          Kara Francis Novice

          This is great to hear!  I'd love to know more about how you have incorporated it and how responsive the learners were.  Was there anything in particular that you feel contributed to the success?  What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?


          And congrats on your award!


          I'm speaking at an upcoming ASTD conference on this subject.  My talk will focus more on the informal and "accidental" learning rather than how it is used in formal programs.  But a lot of the same concepts apply.  One core piece of anything with an internal social collaboration platform is the need for and value of users being a part of a community.  Our learners need to feel connected.  This can help both during and after a learning event or program.  As people build a network, they will more readily see and share updates and hopefully in turn participate in those discussions.


          (this thread is in response to Jive TC User Group Recap - August 11, 2014)

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              monica.swanson Novice

              One key concept that led to our success was ease of use.  I was adamant that the learner / user experience had to easy & intuitive.  We spent effort behind the scene to ensure ease of user for the learner, and some of the details seemed a bit picky but it did result in a simple learner interface.


              Regarding how receptive were the learners, we had an cohort for a program so had some luxury of having the defined audience with things they needed to accomplish.  However post feedback we did ask about the technology solution and we got great feedback.  The learners could stay on task with thinking about what they were learning / doing (leadership concepts, etc) and did not get distracted with things like, “Where do I find that?  How do I log in to that system?”.