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    User Browsing History Through REST API

      How can I access a User's browsing history, inside jive, through REST calls? The answers I've seen either needed me to connect to the analytics engine and then make sql calls or don't give a complete browsing history. (e.g. if I click the people tab and then click the places tab then a valid browsing history should show that I went to 2 URLs and give a time for when I accessed them) Is there a log file with this information that I'm not aware of? The activity tracking that's currently being done that I can access through REST API only works if I do something like post a comment or follow space or something else with a jive:verb attached to it. It does not show information such as simply viewing a page.


      To clarify, the input I have is a person's ID on jive and the output I expect is a browsing history of every page they've seen on jive within a certain time frame. Can this be done natively in jive, specifically the REST API, or do I need to write a plugin to track that information myself? (It feels like it should be tracked within jive since most web servers have that information so I'm trying to avoid the option where I have to write a 3rd party script to do this stuff)