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    Jive Deal Room disappears in Salesforce Opportunity after initial create


      I'm trying to use a Jive Deal Room in a Salesforce Opportunities.


      I am able to start the Deal Room creation process from within the Salesforce Opportunity.

      I create the Deal Room in Jive and then try and create a Stream Integration.  I encounter problems here.  I try to search for an Opportunity that I own.  It either doesn't find it or returns a search result with approximately 10 results, e.g. it'll will return Opportunities from letters A-F but nothing beyond.

      On the few occasions where I was able to create a connection, the Jive Deal Room was not present in the Opportunity the next time I did a refresh or reloaded the Opportunity.


      Has anyone seen this?

      Has anyone been able to get these two to work together?  Was it simple?


      Pat Haggerty