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    App action...poll context?


      I'm having a hard time getting the content id and subject of a Poll from an app-action triggered add-on.  Has anyone been able to achieve this?


      For all other content types, the following approach works:


        // to get the content context

        gadgets.actions.updateAction({id: ACTION_ID, callback: onUpdateAction});


        function onUpdateAction(response) {

          // resolve the current context to a v3 API content object

          osapi.jive.corev3.resolveContext(response, onResolveContext);





      The onResolveContext method would then be called with an object that contains the full content object json.  However, neither the corev2 or corev3 utility for resolving context works on Polls.  A closer look found that the corev2 has no access to Polls.   I can get the actual poll ID from the response of the updateAction call, but then have no way to get the poll. 


      Any ideas?


      Ryan Rutan