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    Missing person ID halting REST get call


      Hi all,


      I am using a series of REST calls to pull a list of place followers into an analytics database and for some spaces I am getting this error at a certain point and hit halts the retrieval of the users from that point forward and moves on to the next place:



      • -error: {}
        • code: "peopleMissingpersonID"
        • status: 404
        • message: "User ID -1 does not exist"


      I am using one call to get the list of places and then cycling through the placeIDs to pull the followers:




      Checking in postman, I can resume after this error and find all of the remaining users.  For example in a space with 5631 followers, it will successfully pull up to 2100 and then fail on this error.  Reiterating through I find this error when I get to 2188.  After that I can pull the rest of the users.


      The only thing I can think of is that we have guest access enabled and that the "anonymous" user shows in activity as User ID -1.  Any idea how I can handle this user ID?  Or is there a simpler way to pull a list of the space followers? 


      The Data Export API seems to only show me the actual action of a user following but I could not find a way to pull the full list of followers.  We are on Jive 7, managed hosted and we have a large amount of migrated users from a previous system so they may not show up in the User Adoption report.